Herbarium Information

Herbarium Code: PAL


Address: via Lincoln 2, I-90123 Palermo - Italy



A. Bras, M. Gandoger, Abbé Gave, G. Giardina, W. Greuter, T. von Heldreich, R. F. Hohenacker, D. Lanza, G. E. Mattei, B. A. Porcari, C. G. Pringle, E. Reverchon, P. A. Saccardo, G. H. W. Schimper, L. Senni, P. E. E. Sintenis, V. Tineo, A. Todaro



W. Greuter (includes the herbaria of A. Bras (France) and Abbé Gave (W Alps)  (100,000 specimens, donated 2009) is kept separate, to be cited as PAL-Gr.



SicilIa; Mediterranen basin, Canarian island; Caucasic area; Caribbean; South America; Somalia; South Africa; Australia.





The Palermo Botanical Garden Herbarium is a scientific museum of the University of Palermo, attached to the Centro Servizi Sistema Museale di Ateneo.

It is open to researchers according to the following access policy and consulting conditions.



Scholars and researchers of the University of Palermo can freely consult material in the Herbarium according to the opening times. Ph.D. students, scholarship or research grant holders of the University of Palermo can also access to the Herbarium collections after their supervisor’s request to the Director Office.

Similarly, University students and specialist visitors are requested to submit their application form to the Director before consulting the collections. Ph.D. students, scholarship or research grant holders from other Universities and visiting scholars are also allowed to use the collections for research purposes with the approval of the Director.


Opening times:  9,00-13,00

The Herbarium is open from Monday to Saturday during University Terms. It is close on Sundays, Bank Holidays, extraordinary closures and during Summer Vacations.

According to the staff availability, the Herbarium can also be visited in the afternoons from 14,00 to 17,00. Exceptionally, visiting scholars can ask to extend their permanence outside opening times, only if authorised by the Director.


Behaviour in the Herbarium

  • Main doors and windows must be close at all times.
  • Fire, inflammable liquids or instruments are not allowed inside the building. For specific needs, please contact staff members.
  • Plant material not yet disinfested must not be taken neither into the Conservation Room nor  into the Reading Room, but left outside in the room dedicated to the preparation and the disinfestations of the specimens.
  • Food and drink shall not be taken in the Herbarium building
  • Use of instruments and books
  • All persons using optic instruments, other facilities or books belonging to the Herbarium shall leave them on the tables or replace them on the shelves in the same conditions in which they have been found.


A - Consulting Herbarium specimens.

Those who whish to take a folder from the cabinet in order to consult herbarium specimens shall follow what said below:

  1. Each folder shall be moved in a horizontal position, handled with care, and open when placed above the table provided only.
  2. Files (wrappers) as well as single sheets shall be moved all together; the specimens shall always face up.
  3. Single sheets shall be replaced inside the files in the same order in which are found; changes shall be promptly reported to staff members.
  4. Books or other heavy items shall not be stacked on herbarium sheets.
  5. Whose who wish to make corrections or comments on the specimens shall use special labels, which will be dated and signed.
  6. f) the identification of type specimens shall be reported to staff members, who shall place them inside distinct folders.
  7. Portions of plant or seeds shall not be taken from the specimens, except with the permission of the Director. If plant portions are found on herbarium sheets, they shall be placed in envelops provided by the staff.
  8. Specimens shall not be moved from the Herbarium, except with the permission of the Director.


B - Folder replacement inside the cabinet.

After their use, folders shall be left on the tables of the Reading Room to the care of staff members, or replaced inside the cabinets by the scholars. The cabinets shall be close.


Orto Botanico

Università degli Studi di Palermo

Via Lincoln, 2

90133 PALERMO, Italia

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