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Registration at Tribunale di Palermo

no. 27 of 12 July 1991

ISSN 1120-4052 (Print)

ISSN 2240-4538 (Online)

DOI: 10.7320/FlMedit25SI.001


Copyright © by Fondazione Internazionale pro Herbario Mediterraneo

Flora Mediterranea 25   (Special Issue)



Edited on behalf of the International Foundation pro Herbario Mediterraneo

by Francesco M. Raimondo & Werner Greuter

Editorial board

F. Garbari (Pisa), W. Greuter (Berlin), S. L. Jury (Reading), P. Mazzola (Palermo), S. Pignatti (Roma), F.M. Raimondo (Palermo), B. Valdés (Sevilla).

Referees committee

P. V. Arrigoni (Firenze), H. M. Burdet (Genève), A. Carapezza (Palermo), C. D. K. Cook (Zurich), R. Courtecuisse (Lille), V. Demoulin (Liège), F. Ehrendorfer (Wien), M. Erben (Miinchen), G. Giaccone (Catania), V. H. Heywood (Reading), P. Kupfer (Neuchatel), J. Mathez (Montpellier), G. Moggi (Firenze), E. Nardi (Firenze), P. L. Nimis (Trieste), D. Phitos (Patras), L. Poldini (Trieste), R.M. Ros Espìn (Murcia), A. Strid (Copenhagen), B. Zimmer (Berlin)

Editorial office

Assistant editor: G. Domina

Layout & Technical editing: G. Domina & G. Bazan

Design: G. Bazan & N. Surano


F. Pedrotti & G. Domina: Presentation.

P. V. Arrigoni: Contribution to the study of the genus Armeria (Plumbaginaceae) in the Italian peninsula.

A. Danin: Rocks supporting endemic plant species in East Mediterranean deserts.

S. L. Poggio, S. B. Perelman, F. P. O. Mollard & R. J. C. León: Guests and gatecrashers in a New World’s banquet: Old World plant species introduced from the Mediterranean Basin enriched the flora of grasslands and croplands in the Pampas of Argentina.

B. Valdés: Xenophytes in the Doñana territory (SW Spain).

V. Cristea & D. Gafta: The Mediterranean floristic element in the flora and vegetation of Romania.

E. Biondi, M. Allegrezza, S. Casavecchia, D. Galdenzi, R. Gasparri, S. Pesaresi, P. Soriano, G. Tesei & C. Blasi: New insight on Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean syntaxa included in the Vegetation Prodrome of Italy.

V. H. Heywood: Mediterranean botanic gardens and the introduction and conservation of plant diversity .

M. Privitera, R. Galesi, L. Arato & M. Puglisi: Bryophyte diversity in Augusta-Priolo territory (South-Eastern Sicily).

P. Bareka, G. Kamari, N. J. Turland & D. Phitos: Karyomorphological study of some Cretan archeophytes.

G. Venturella, M. L. Gargano & R. Compagno: The genus Pleurotus in Italy

W. Greuter: Roxburgh’s Cynoglossum marifolium (Boraginaceae) – reassessment and typification of a long forgotten name.

M. G. Dia & P. Campisi: Life forms, life strategies and ecological indices of bryophytes for bioindication in wood areas: a case of study in the "Bosco della Ficuzza, Rocca Busambra, Bosco del Cappelliere e Gorgo del Drago” Oriented Nature Reserve (West Sicily).

J. Domingues de Almeida: A new association and a new vegetal community for continental Portugal.

G. Nakhutsrishvili, N. Zazanashvili, K. Batsatsashvili & C. S. Montalvo Mancheno: Colchic and Hyrcanian forests of the Caucasus: similarities, differences and conservation status.

Puglisi, P. Campisi, M. G. Dia & M. Privitera: New or interesting regional bryophyte records for Italian bryoflora.

N. Özhatay, R. Wallis, R. B. Wallis & M. Koçyiğit: A new Fritillaria species from Mediterranean region of Turkey; Fritillaria asumaniae.

S. Brullo, P. Pavone & C. Salmeri: Biosystematic researches on Allium cupani group (Amaryllidaceae) in the Mediterranean area.

M. Xanthakis, P. Minetos, G. Lysitsa & G. Kamari: Study of vertical and horizontal forest structure in Mt. Ainos National Park, Cephalonia Island, Greece.

F. Pedrotti: The genus Cerastium (Caryophyllaceae) in the Stelvio National Park (Central Alps).

I. Camarda, G. Brundu, L. Carta, G. Vacca & A. Brunu: Plants and grazing: an evaluation of the effects on Sardinian endemic plants conservation.

M. Fennane & M. Rejdali: The world largest cork oak Maamora forest: challenges and the way ahead.

B. Manachini & F. Palla: What does happen when an insect pest follows its host plant and viceversa?

E. Di Gristina, F. Scafidi & G. Domina: A new species of Isatis (Brassicaceae) from the Pollino National Park (Basilicata, S Italy).

  1. S.Bancheva & Z. Kaya: Centaurea raimondoi, a new species from Asteraceae.

V. Spadaro, A. S. Faqi & P. Mazzola: Clinopodium raimondoi (Lamiaceae), a new species from Sicily.